1960's Handmade Batik Wrap Skirt

This authentic wrap skirt is a really cool find! The regal design of peacocks and flowers amongst the gorgeous turquoise and brown batik background really make this vintage skirt look so modern. As beautiful with a tank and sandals as it would be with a crisp white button down and a pair of strappy heels. Handmade in Singapore. Worn once.
Tag reads "Custom Tailors 27-- Madame Ting boutique- Singapore".

• Era: 1960's

• Condition: Mint

• Length:  42"  - Waist:  27"


About Batik: Old pieces of batiks are often treasured as antiques, vintage and even heirloom pieces. Old batiks are noted for their elaborate patterns infused with deep-meaningful traditional symbolisms; as well as the painstaking work to create them. Traditional batiks tell the story of our history as the various motifs on the batiks reflect the makers and consumers' cultural background in the past. They serve as a useful insight into the tastes, fashion and culture of our predecessors.To be genuine, batik must be made with wax, and must be made by hand. The wax on batik may be applied with a canting, a sort of fountain pen for liquefied wax, or with a metal stamp known as a chop. Either way it is a laborious process.

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